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Chances are many Central New Yorkers who work for a smaller business don’t have an employer-provided retirement savings plan.  That could change if a state-facilitated, payroll deduction plan called “Secure Choice” is approved in the state budget.  

  The AARP is pushing state lawmakers to include it in their spending plans.  The group’s state legislative representative Bill Ferris acknowledges workers do have the option of setting up their own IRA outside of work.  But most don’t bother.

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AARP is lobbying for support for New Yorkers who spend a lot of time caring for the elderly in their homes, following a 2013 report on New York state elderly care.  The report finds that four million unpaid family caregivers are struggling to balance their jobs with helping elderly family members. 

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Sometimes health changes in the elderly can present different living situations for families when the holidays arrive.  WAER’s John Smith introduces us to a daughter and father who tried to keep their holiday traditions this year... even across the miles.

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  As Eldercare changes to provide more personalized care, Loretto in Syracuse has made some leadership changes as it continues to evolve.