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The corruption conviction of the former New York State Assembly Speaker, Sheldon Silver, was overturned Thursday on a technicality by a federal appeals court.

Silver’s attorneys say they are “grateful” for the decision,  but the US Attorney’s office for New York’s Southern district says it will retry the case. Until recently, the office was headed by Preet Bharara. He was fired by President Donald Trump earlier this year.

Update: Federal Prosecutor Outlines Charges Against Assembly Speaker Silver

Jan 22, 2015
Stephen Nessen /

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is under arrest and $3.8 million in eight different bank accounts held by Silver have been seized, as federal prosecutors accuse the Speaker of running two fraudulent and corrupt schemes.

US Attorney Preet Bharara laid out the charges against the Assembly Speaker, saying the Speaker used his “titanic” powers   in office to amass a “tremendous” personal fortune by running two separate schemes that involved millions of dollar in bribes and kickbacks.  

Stephen Nessen /

One of the most influential men in Albany is accused of accepting millions of dollars in bribes and covering it up as legitimate income.  The federal complaint against Speaker Silver accuses the Assembly leader of mail fraud and the federal crime of theft of honest services, saying he engaged in a scheme since the year 2000 to use the power and influence of his official position to obtain for himself over 6 million dollars, including $700,000 in bribes and kickbacks  masked as legitimate income earned by Silver as a private lawyer.