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Karen DeWitt / WXXI News

Governor Cuomo and legislative leaders are negotiating a new anti sexual harassment policy for state and local government officials as part of the state budget. But several victims of sexual abuse and harassment in the legislature have come forward with a letter, asking that the issue be taken out of the budget, to allow more time for public input.

Those who provide services and advocacy for Central New Yorkers with HIV/AIDS will be watching closely this week to see if the final state budget includes funding to increase affordable housing. Governor Cuomo has proposed the expansion of a successful rental assistance program in New York City to the rest of the state.

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A March in Syracuse, in concert with the March for our Lives in Washington drew hundreds of  students, parents, teachers and a wide range of other community members.  And while they focused on ending school shootings, they called for progress on other violence in the community as well.  

For The Orange, It Stops At the Sweet Sixteen

Mar 24, 2018

The Orange Men's Basketball team is done dancing after a tense matchup with No. 2 seed Duke, ending with a final score of 69 - 65. All hopes of an upset to parallel Syracuse’s 2016 run to the Final Four were dashed as the Blue Devils pulled ahead in the second half of Friday’s game.

  Both teams appeared evenly matched for the duration of the first half. No. 11 seed Syracuse made eight of their first 12 shots, getting out to a 17 - 14 lead early in the game.

Facebook / March For Our Lives Syracuse

The students organizing a Syracuse march to protest recent school shootings are trying to make sure their message includes ending all local gun violence.  The young people behind Saturday’s ‘March for our Lives’ also plan to keep their activism going long after it’s over.

These four CBA 11th graders couldn’t escape news of the Parkland Florida shooting.  Ashwarya Vara-Kantam felt directly connected.

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Hundreds of people took to Syracuse streets to stand – and march – against domestic violence.  This year’s White Ribbon Campaign awareness event took place against a backdrop of increasing attention on violence and sexual abuse against women.  Syracuse University students Gabrielle La Marco and Brooke Pohle were happy to see so many join in

“Something needs to be done and it makes me so proud that young people came out on this chilly morning, said LaMarco..

Wildlife Photo Exhibit Showcases Resurgence of Onondaga Lake

Mar 23, 2018
Scott Willis/WAER News

Bald Eagles.  A snowy owl.  A red-winged blackbird.  Even monarch butterflies.  All were captured by Syracuse-area wildlife photographers for the 5th annual photo exhibit this weekend at the Onondaga Lake Visitor’s Center.  The images are not only a demonstration of the beautiful wildlife in the area, they also document the resurgence of Onondaga Lake.


Scott Willis / WAER News

Local activists want Customs and Border Patrol out of Central New York transit.  About two dozen members and supporters of the Immigrant and Refugee Defense Network rallied in front of the Regional Transportation Center today demanding that companies deny Customs the ability to raid buses and trains for undocumented immigrants.  Attorney Herve Comeau says Customs enforces raids selectively, targeting people they think “look foreign.”

With State Budget Deadline Looming, Major Issues Are Still Unresolved

Mar 22, 2018
Karen DeWitt / WXXI News

It’s just over a week until the state budget is due, and there’s no resolution on an array of proposed new taxes and spending proposals, as well as several unrelated items that are tied to the budget.

Governor Cuomo has been holding private leaders meetings on the budget at the executive mansion.

This week is about getting a state budget done,” Cuomo said. “Which is one of the most serious state budgets we’ve had to deal with.”

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Food Bank of Central New York staff received food donations today – which is nothing rare.  But today’s shipment, says Goya Foods spokesperson Natalie Maniscalco,  totaled 34-thousand-500 pounds. 

“That’s about 25,000 meals.  So the products will be distributed in meals for the families to make a complete meal.  They’ll have rice, they’ll have beans, crackers, coconut water, canned vegetables, non-perishable foods.”