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Some Community Health Centers in Syracuse and across the state could be forced to close if Congress doesn’t approve federal funding in the next round of budget talks.  Senator Chuck Schumer stopped by the Syracuse Community Health Center Monday to pledge he’ll do all he can as Minority Leader to push through long-term funding by the February 8th deadline.  Schumer and SCHC President and CEO Leola Rodgers explain $3.8 million and 75 employees are on the line.

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Senator Gillibrand said today that she has visited all of New York’s counties. She said a need she has seen over and over is a way for small businesses to have better access to capital, specifically micro loans, but business that are just starting out often times don’t have the credit to get loans from the bank.

New Medical Technology Drastically Improves Treatment for Stroke Victims

Jan 26, 2018

Potential stroke victims in Central New York and their families can rest a little easier thanks to the findings of a new study that has broadened the timeframe for stroke treatment. The study determined patients can seek treatment for up to 24 hours following a stroke. Thanks to a new technology called RAPID, doctors can scan the brain for salvageable brain tissue in minutes, a process that previously took up to 40 minutes and was unreliable.

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Six finalist companies participating in the GENIUS NY program in Syracuse are receiving their share of more than $3 million dollars in investments from Empire State Development Corporation.  They’re creating new innovations at the Tech Garden to advance UAS or Unmanned Aerial Systems that supports the many applications of drones. 

Some of the innovations range from helping grow agriculture to solutions for urban planning.  Co-founders of Dropcopter Adam Fine and Mike Wench created their company to pick-up where declining bee populations left-off.

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It’s not unusual for firefighters to visit Central New York schools to teach children about fire safety.  But Wednesday’s visit by Syracuse Firefighters at Doctor King Elementary school took on added importance.  Deputy Chief of Fire Prevention Elton Davis had the undivided attention of about two dozen second graders. 

"What we came here to talk about today is a serious subject.  But we want you to be excited about it.  Learning is exciting, right? We want to give you the same type of lesson today in fire safety."

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A local agency is changing how much of the overdose-reversal drug Narcan it distributes. The State is now offering a Nacan Co-Payment Program that aims to get more kits into the hands of families, friends and opioid drug users.  ACR Health distributed 750 kits from the state last year, which the agency says resulted in saving at least 52 people.  Overdose Prevention Coordinator Kevin Donovan says most pharmacy chains participate in the state’s program.

Syracuse Police Chief To Stay On During Transition

Jan 22, 2018
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Syracuse Police Chief Frank Fowler will continue to lead the department during the first year of the new mayoral administration. Fowler was sworn in by Mayor Ben Walsh Monday. The city will bring on the new police chief by the end of the year, according to the Mayor’s office.

Fowler was vague about what might be different in his job under the new administration. He also declined to comment on his past performance in the Syracuse Police Department, or talk about goals for the future.

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In somewhat of a surprise move, Syracuse Common Councilors Monday unanimously appointed a candidate whose name had not been publicly mentioned to fill President Helen Hudson’s former at-large seat.   Democrat Michael Greene’s resume rose to the top of the stack.

New 5th district councilor Joe Driscoll made the motion to appoint Greene after discussions revealed he’d have strong support.

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The first of a series of federal corruption trials begins Monday for several former associates of Governor Cuomo. The proceedings in the federal courthouse in lower Manhattan will focus on bribery and other charges against Governor Cuomo’s former closest aide, Joseph Percoco.

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The two takeaways from being at the Women's March in Seneca Falls Saturday were the thousands that took part; and the many, many concerns people came out to voice.  

The village credited with being the birthplace of the Women's Rights Movement drew 10,000 for a march in 2017, seen as a protest for the newly inaugurated President Donald Trump.  This year's gathering drew every bit the crowd and opposition to President Trump's policies and decisions, along with personal criticisms were widespread.

Sherry Treadwell came from Rochester, with a sense of duty.