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Central New York walked away Thursday with just over $62 million from the regional economic development awards, placing it midpack among regions across the state. In all, the state awarded more than $700 million to 10 regions. It’s the sixth year the state has used the formula in an effort to revitalize upstate’s economy. The presentation was complete with a video highlighting each region’s emerging strengths. "Investment in the unmanned aircraft systems industry is becoming the backbone for...

Syracuse Economic Officials know the area has some advantages for businesses to move here, and boost employment. Now they’re hearing this might be the ‘best place in the nation’ for certain kinds of jobs. We’ve all heard of jobs being sent off shore…generally to get cheap labor. Companies are now thinking about 're-shoring' some of those jobs, moving them back to the U.S. And Syracuse is rated in one measure the number one location for business services in finance, I-T, call centers, and...

Syracuse Economy Expected To Grow, Report Shows

Jan 15, 2015
Sean Farrell

The overwhelming majority of businesses in the region plan to grow or maintain job levels in 2015, according to data presented on Thursday at Centerstate CEO's Economic Forecast Breakfast at the Oncenter . About 93 percent of survey respondents plan to expand or keep employment numbers constant, Centerstate CEO's president Rob Simpson revealed at the conference. "That's really positive," Simpson said. "We haven't seen that type of confidence in our employers in a very long time, especially...

Central New York once again walked away with one of the most lucrative awards from the Governor’s Regional Economic Development Sweepstakes Thursday. $ 80 million will help projects ranging from hotels and apartment development… to small businesses and the inner harbor.

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The renovation of older buildings in Syracuse and Upstate New York could face a more uncertain future without a popular economic development tool. Those hoping to save the federal Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit form the chopping block in Congress gathered Tuesday in the Persian Terrace at the Hotel Syracuse to sound the alarm. The hotel’s lead developer Ed Riley has his credit already in hand, and says the project wouldn’t be possible without it.

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A community group is rallying diverse support for the expansion of Pre-K in Syracuse, with supporters saying it could improve the economy and diminish crime.

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Central New York business leaders got an optimistic economic forecast Thursday at the CenterState CEO, but also found out that their own attitudes may be holding the area back. The corporation hosted a breakfast at the OnCenter to release its economic forecast , which suggests better times for 2014. An M&T Bank economist says business growth should be about 2.8%. But CenterState President Rob Simpson says he hears the area is stagnant and flat. He points to downtown investment, a jump in...

Local business leadership organization, Centerstate CEO, wants the community to work together and ask more questions before settling on a solution for the new I-81 viaduct through Syracuse. Centerstate C-E-O is laying out principles and priorities for the one-billion dollar decision that will impact the area for the next 75 years or more.