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The Syracuse Area Music Awards has unveiled the list of nominees for the 2018 SAMMY’s.  A competitive field of talented artists representing 14 music genres had judges making difficult decisions.  In less than a month, area musicians will be awarded for their local music contributions for the albums they produced in 2017.  E.S.P., Harmonic Dirt and Phantom Chemistry are some of the cool names on the nominees list.  Local Syracuse Radio DJ Dixon shared the nominees for the Best Jazz category.

Zhiyan Zhong/WAER news

  The Palace Theater was filled with some renowned musicians this morning as a preview of what’s ahead next month at the 2016 SAMMY Awards.

The SAMMY’s… also known as the Syracuse Area Music Awards isn’t a complete acronym but, Director Liz Nowak says it’s as close to the Grammy’s as they could get.  The committee’s mailbox was stuffed full with 118 submissions recorded in 20-15, the most ever.

Syracuse's version of the Grammys rolls out the red carpet Friday night at the Palace Theatre on James Street.

Mark Bialczak

 Syracuse opened its arms wide to embrace its finest musicians performing the work of arguably the most popular band ever.