John Smith / WAER News

The Sacrifices of those on 9/11 and the years that followed in U.S. led conflicts were honored yesterday by awarding a smart home to 27 year-old retired U.S Army SPC E-4 Matt Leyva.  We took a look at the homes smart features on Monday in Pompey.  A patriotic themed event was staged outside of the home.  Picture this.  U.S. flags lined the driveway leading to the new home and a giant flag suspended to partially block the full view.  And then it was unveiled with the crowd prompted to say, “MOVE THAT FLAG!”  The home is situated on a spacious lot with a panoramic view of evergreens.

Leyva was injured during a foot patrol in Afghanistan when he likely triggered an I.E.D.  The blast resulted in Leyva completely losing his legs and several fingertips on both hands and two years of recovery.  He was sent to Germany and then Texas to recover.  The home’s smart features are a dream come true.  Leyva spoke to the crowd over a microphone.