Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Fairness Act

Anjali Alwis / WAER News

  Congressmember John Katko picked up the torch today in the effort to properly compensate certain Vietnam Veterans and their families wounded by Agent Orange.  He’s introducing the Larry Hackett  Junior Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Fairness Act, named in honor of a local veteran who lost his battle with cancer from agent orange exposure in 2006 at the age 58.  Katko says the bill will create a task force that will research the effects of Agent Orange on Vietnam War veterans and find ways to care for them and their families.

Scott Willis / WAER News

A Central New York Vietnam veteran who lost his Purple Heart medal years ago had it returned Tuesday. 

 Army Special Forces veteran Daniel Hunnicutt was presented with his original medal at a ceremony today in county legislature chambers.  

He lost the medal in Portland, Oregon, where he returned from Vietnam.  A contractor working on the back porch of a house discovered the medal in the dirt and took it to the local VA center.  After deciphering the name, it made its way back to Hunnicutt here in New York. 

John Smith/WAER News

A Central New York Vietnam Veteran who likely died of cancer from Agent Orange exposure now has his name on proposed legislation to support other veterans and families.  The Lawrence J. Hackett, Jr. Vietnam Veterans Agent Orange Fairness Act unveiled today would ensure that veterans and their families would get the necessary healthcare and compensation to cover them.  A longtime friend of Hackett’s, Judge Joseph Fahey says his friend’s story is similar to others.